Today at NSC

February 17, 2017

We, at National Seniors Council, are here every weekday to respond to our present and future supporters. Do not be reluctant about joining our cause to promote the advancement of pro-senior legislation. Our email address is membership@nationalseniorscouncil,org. Good Weekend to All.

URGENT! Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner may propose cutting Social Security benefits and raising taxes in order to "save" the program. Only a concerted grass-roots effort will derail this dangerous proposal. Sign the petition below and stand against any effort to slash your Social Security benefits.

No Benefit Cuts Petition

To: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

Whereas: Social Security is a sacred trust that millions of Americans are counting on in order to simply survive,

Whereas: The Federal Government has the ability to fund future Social Security obligations by cutting wasteful pork-barrel spending like bridges to nowhere,

Whereas: Tax increases will destroy jobs, undermine our economy and hurt every single generation of Americans

Therefore: I demand that the Treasury Secretary OPPOSE any and all attempts to cut Social Security benefits or raise taxes.