Today at NSC

February 17, 2017

We, at National Seniors Council, are here every weekday to respond to our present and future supporters. Do not be reluctant about joining our cause to promote the advancement of pro-senior legislation. Our email address is membership@nationalseniorscouncil,org. Good Weekend to All.

President Barack Obama once again has his sights set on Medicare and slashing health care for senior citizens in order to pay for ObamaCare.

That's why the National Seniors Council has launched a new national grassroots campaign to defend Medicare and prevent the program from being looted by the power-crazed liberals in the White House.

All NSC members will soon be receiving an urgent letter from National Director Robert Crone asking them to sign a "Citizens Declaration in Support of Medicare" and return it to NSC as quickly as possible. These declarations will be used to persuade Congress to stand up to the Administration and protect Medicare.

"Because of the soaring budget deficits he is running up, Obama doesn't have the money to pay for his radical health care scam," Crone says. "So he is searching for ways to fund this health care power grab, and he has decided that cutting Medicare will get him the money to do it. The President wants to slash Medicare so fewer and fewer doctors will be able to afford to care for Medicare patients," explains Crone. "That means that if you are on Medicare, you may no longer be able to see your regular doctor. Instead you may have to go to some doctor you don't even know. And that doctor is sure to be less experienced than your current doctor. This is all part of the President's grand vision for 'cutting costs' and we must fight it."

NSC's legislative team helped craft this campaign specifically to put political heat on the "middle-of-the-road" Congressmen and Senators. "These unprincipled politicians in Congress change their position based on which way the wind is blowing. I am identifying those politicians, so I can make sure they oppose any cuts to Medicare," Crone writes in the letter. "Your declaration, along with the thousands of others I am collecting, will show these politicians how many people are firmly against cutting Medicare. This will turn up the heat and pressure them into voting the right way."

Every single NSC member must sign and return their declarations as quickly as possible, Crone warns, because ObamaCare is such a financial disaster. "If we don't take a stand now, Obama is going to loot Medicare to pay for this insane law and seniors are going to be severely hurt," he explains. "I can't stress enough how important this campaign is." Any NSC member who does not receive their letter and declaration or who wants more information about how Medicare cuts could affect them should contact NSC's Washington, DC, office at (571) 425-4153.